Make Believers!

Info for Performers

For Open Micers

  • ​​​There’s a limited number of slots, so show up early if you want to nab one. Doors open at 7:30
  • Slots are capped at 5 minutes. Feel free to run under, but please try your darndest not to run over 5 minutes
  • You can present your work however you choose. Be as creative or traditional as you, but think of this as an opportunity to perform your writing, to bring it to life
  • For Headliners

    • ​​Your set length depends on the number of headliners featured on your night: 3 headliners get 10 minutes each; 2 get 15 minutes each; 1 headliner gets 30 minutes split into two or three sets.
    • Use your time however you choose. Props, music, interactive games, sheer theatrics, a variety of different acts—how you present your work is up to you
    • If you’ll need special arrangements for your set (musical accompaniment, staging, etc.) contact us beforehand.
    • A private rehearsal/dressing area is available at the venue
    • All headliners receive a profile page on our website. Be sure to send us the necessary information before your night (use this form)

    Headliner Compensation

    At this time Zealophone is too new and poor to offer healthy headliner fees or honorariums. We hope to change that in the near future, and until then we’ll work to fill your pockets however we can. Currently, we guarantee every headliner the following:

    • ​A share of all tips and cash donations gathered during the show (at the end of each night, the collection pool is split evenly between the headliners
    • A public profile on our website with forms for users to donate directly to your personal PayPal account